The Fall Of Ahmed [EP_01]

by ŁoŁ


The music has been created through a process driven entirely by randomness and chance.

Every decision, from; time signature, bpm, to what instruments are allowed to be used; everything is decided by the roll of a die, the flip of a card, the toss of a coin, and many other randomising strategies to take the entire creative process out of our direct control.


released October 11, 2019

ŁoŁ are: Victor Konieczny & Amit Rai Sharma
All music randomly composed, written, & arranged by ŁoŁ
All music purposely engineered, mixed, and mastered by ŁoŁ



ŁoŁ London, UK

We make music fuelled entirely by randomness and chance.

Music equipment:
- a deck of cards
- a set of dice
- at least one coin
- the internet

dicecardscoin [at] gmail [dot] com

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